About Get Lost

About GetLost_Photo

GetLost_Photo is a project created in 2016 by the Portuguese photographer Francisco Antunes.

Photography is my passion and along with other passions like nature, the ocean and traveling I created this project called GetLost_Photo. Mainly through photography but also with video I try to show my passions and the way I see them.

I first started my expiriences with a small camera (GoPro) when I was surfing or when I was traveling. After some good shots I decided to learn more about the art of photography.

I finished my Photography class in 2014 and after this I started to work as a freelancer and with my own projects.

Since I bought my first camera I traveled and worked in different countries in which I was able to shoot unique moments and work with some renowned companies.

At this moment I dedicate my time shooting Action, Lifestyle, Travel and a few comercial works.


  • Surf Report
  • Surf Trip + SurfTrip Photo & Video
  • Action Sports Report (All levels)
  • Lifestyle/Fastion Sessions (Outdoor)
  • Photo Journalism